Looking for a ride from Ann Arbor, Mi for two
Posted by justdave8

Hello, looking for someone to car pool with from the Ann Arbor Area or even near by. it would be for two people, will help pay for gas, food etc.. Prefer to leave Wed to Sunday, could possibly throw in  a space in an onsite hotel for the driver if interested. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks Dave.

Posted by brotherbock

Are you just looking to save money, or do you need someone else to provide the vehicle? 

I've got a buddy who comes down from that area, but he stays Wed through Mon, and he drives a two-seater pickup. But if Mon is good for departure and you have a vehicle and are just looking to share gas costs, I could drop him a line about it. 

Posted by keuschbr

I'll be leaving from AA and can fit you, i've got a hatchback with plenty of space. weds to sunday is my plan as well. Potentially interested in the crash space too, want to move to email? [email protected] 

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