Carpooling from Philadelphia?
Posted by satyrwyld

Is anyone carpooling from (or through) the Philadelphia area and looking to fill a seat? Standard carpool-begging applies: I can chip in for gas, tolls, take a turn behind the wheel, etc. as needed.

Posted by havoctimmo

Hello Satyr

Are you still looking for a ride to GenCon?  It's not confirmed yet, but I may have an extra seat available.  Let me know...


Posted by satyrwyld

Sorry, I should have updated this sooner; I have already arranged transportation, but thank you.

Posted by avtomatik

I am looking for a seat from either Boston or NY. I guess I can come to Philly as well if needed (I am traveling the US atm).
Getting there with a bus, i'd have to go chicago and then back, and I feel that I'll be hard pressed for both money and time when that part of the journey arrives.
All help appreciated

Posted by virtualbasil

I'm in king of Prussia and my car is open

Posted by avtomatik

That sounds great!
Would you be able to add me on facebook so we can arrange the details?
Luka Kovač Plavi

Thank you

Posted by avtomatik

You can also reach me via email avtomatiq@gmail. Much appreciated

Posted by omnipresentadam

I'm in Philly and I was planning on driving solo, but carpooling would be preferable. Let me know if you have any more seats open [email protected]

Posted by avtomatik

Found a ride from philly!

Is anyone driving from Indianapolis to Dallas or Atlanta after the con?
Let me know at [email protected] if you have a free seat


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