New Marsh Supermarket on Senate and Michigan?
Posted by bpunkert

So, I'm from out of town, but I notice Marsh was supposed to be opening up a new supermarket a little north of the convention zone this year in the main floor of a condo building. Is this vaporware, or has anyone been there yet?

And how the heck do you catch a bus from the convention centre to there anyway - the IndyGo map is... confusing as a reference point.

Having fresh produce nearby-ish for those of us who CAN'T come early enough to take in the Tuesday farmer's market would be major awesome. At my local con I live on oranges, apples, bananas and trail mix because that's fruit that will keep without a fridge....

Can anyone verify?

Posted by aklevah

1.  That Marsh has been open for at least one year if not two.
2.  The Farm Market at the Indianapolis City Market is Wednesday, not Tuesday.
3.  The Walking Distance to the Marsh is almost identical as the walking distance to the City Market (assuming a start at the convention center - location of your hotel may vary this).  So why not just walk?

Posted by bpunkert

1) Gencon virgin. From Canada. The last time my associates went was in 2014, and that Marsh wasn't there then - they were complaining about the lack of any kind of real supermarket and having to pack things like granola bars in their luggage. I noticed the news article in the Star and that's why I asked.

2) Traveling by plane from Canada and arriving after four pm. According to the City Market site the farmers' market closes before two pm.  That is not a valid option for us - we need something with less fixed hours that is available in the evening. The year before THAT it was Tuesday only, I think, which may be my mixup. Either way, not going to work for our situation.

3) ACL brace and advanced osteoarthritis. Walking a mile is difficult for me, much less walking back with groceries plus the time t find things in the store. Hence why I asked about transit.

Thank you for confirming it is open.

Posted by aklevah

Look at in on Google maps.  Depending on what hotel you are at, you may just want to cab or uber.  It does you no good to walk several blocks to then take a bus a few blocks and do the same in reverse. 

Posted by aldctjoc

Presuming we're talking about the Marsh on W. Michigan Ave., I can confirm it for you: Last year I walked by and was surprised to see it, so I went in. It was definitely open during the 2015 con. I don't see why it wouldn't still be open for this year. 

As far as transportation: OMG, I've never looked at the IndyGO map before. It IS confusing. Most people say "Uber" for rides around town, but for a fresh produce run, I don't know if it's worth it. I do know there are grocery delivery service - - but holy jeebus, it's expensive ($10 + 10% of the bill, plus gas surcharge if below $30... good Lord...). 

Taxis? Well, on the one hand, just about every hotel will have one or several actually holding in their parking lots waiting (example; - scroll down to "Getting around"... yes, that's the Westin, but many other hotels will also offer this). On the other, it won't be as inexpensive as a bus ride. 

There's not much left after that. Bum a ride off a generous soul, maybe? I wish I had better answers. I'm sorry, I just don't. Possibly your hotel's concierge service - if it has one - can generate an answer? 

Posted by austicke

The Marsh opened in May 2014.

Posted by aklevah

Another option would be to do peapod or amazon prime now and get your groceries delivered to you at your hotel.  I have friends who did this last year and it worked like a charm.

Posted by bpunkert

Yeah, after discussing it at some length with the other party involved (who is a little more familiar with downtown Indy than me), we'd probably split the difference and walk over and cab back. She figured it would be about a $10 cab ride based on previous years. I can walk that far, I just don't know that I want to walk back with a bag full of fruit. Especially since, hey, new grocery store in different country, we'll probably spend an hour wandering around and giggling at all the weird and unfamiliar packaged goods. Because we're a little strange that way.

I was mostly trying to figure out whether or not I was reading the bus map *wrong* because it seemed weird that there was no actual way to get there from here to speak. It made no sense to me to walk 15-20 minutes to take a bus for five and still end up a block away, but I guess that's really the way the buses are routed. Wow, I though OUR bus service was cracked.

When they were there last in 2014, as people from outside the country, they were not aware of the supermarket. It wasn't particularly well promoted. When she asked around to other congoers in 2014 about where to get fresh fruit nearby (remember, after the closing period of the City Market), she was told there was a Marsh on Meridian street, a $30 cab ride away, so she packed a bunch of granola bars in her luggage. So yeah, not exactly well publicized to con goers :)

Also, remember, we're from Canada. Signing up for delivery services usually requires and American address or an American credit card (hello HBO Go...grrr) or both. And signing up for US Amazon Prime to save on $20 in cab fare seems a little extreme, even for us. *lol* It is not, as I used to say when I worked at AT&T the signing up, it's the remembering to opt out early enough to not get nailed for the first month's payment. Too much work. :)

Thanks for the input folks. This is really helpful.

Posted by ellis1138

I saw the cars last year, but haven't used them myself. Indy has both a bike-sharing and now a car-borrowing kind of service. It'll depend on how comfortable someone is at driving in an unfamiliar city.

Posted by chemrebel

The Marsh grocery store is very nice and stays open pretty late.  In addition to the provisions you list, they have a really nice grab-and-go selection of soup, sandwiches/wraps, salads, and baked goods.  Depending on distance from your hotel you can walk or taxi/uber very easily.


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