LF 3 Roommates.
Posted by jetstrike

I'll keep this simple since I know there are a lot of posts. I am travelling up from Tulsa, OK. Some things came up and now I have a hotel room for 4 for the entire duration to myself. I am looking for anyone that needs a room it is 2 queen beds and a pull out. We would all have room keys. Ideally I would liek roommates who dont mind splitting the cost of the room. I am also willing to pick up anyone on the way to the convention if they can chip in for gas. Any questions feel free to PM me.

Posted by sbk0113

Which hotel are you staying at?

Posted by jetstrike

HOLIDAY INN INDIANAPOLIS-CARMEL251 Pennsylvania Pkwy, Indianapolis, IN 46280, UNITED STATES

Posted by jordan caldwell

I am interested in splitting a room.

bjorkslumber at hotmail dot com.

Posted by jshirland

Are there still any spots available? If so, when are the check-in and check-out dates?

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