Housing Portal Not Holding Rooms for 10 minutes
Posted by schra1cm

Hi everyone. Has anyone else had the issue with a room becoming available, selecting the room and then after putting in credit card information it refuses to process the request? This has happened to me 3x with JW and Home2Suites. I was under the impression that after you selected a room that you had 10 minutes to process the request. I typed my information in within 2 minutes. We aren't picky on the room downtown but would like a fair shot. Is there something that I am doing wrong? 

Posted by david campbell

Happened to me several times; including the Great Housing Rush Event of Doom. I don't think it's every actually worked that that way.

Posted by schra1cm

I think you are right. However, when I called Q-Rooms today they insisted that the system was "supposed" to work this way. Home2Suites finally dropped a room for me after refreshing so I got lucky. 

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