Courtyard @ Capitol, getting to the convention
Posted by cinnibar

I'm trying out the Courtyard @ the Capitol this year.

For those who know the area, would you recommend walking or taxi for getting to/from the convention center?  (And does your answer change as night falls?)


Posted by gamerlaura

Never stayed there, but I would probably cab it, certainly at night. Will be walkable, but it's a highly trafficked area, if it's where I'm thinking.

Posted by ellis1138

Some years back, I checked out Courtyard at the Capitol and the Residence Inn, as to how far a walk it is. I was walking with a cane, and it took me about ten minutes to go from the ICC to the hotel. You go through the government section, and it's not a bad area, IMO.

Posted by ginamarie72

We stayed at the Residence Inn last year and it was a nice walk (10-15 minutes tops).  It was totally doable and I felt fine walking it with my daughter and my husband would stay our far later than us and felt safe walking from the convention center and Embassy Suites late at night/early morning.

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