Experiences with the Plaza Suite at the Omni?
Posted by cmwiegand

I was recently able to snag a Plaza Suite at the Omni Severin through the housing block.

Has anyone here had any experiences with the Plaza Suite?

I'm specifically concerned with the size of the room, and how it would compare to something like the Embassy in size?

Posted by divachelle

I found square footage measurements on the respective websites.

Omni Severin shows 378 sq. ft. for a Plaza Suite, and the Embassy shows 370 sq. ft. for their regular suites, so they're pretty comparable. A lot of it depends on how the space is utilized - Embassy is set up in a shotgun-style, where the Omni looks more like a traditional square-ish room.

Posted by cmwiegand

Awesome!  That is exactly what I needed to know!


Posted by brotherbock

The Omni is a fantastic hotel, the staff are as professional as you can find. The only downside is regular room size (and split elevators, which the Embassy has too), so a suite there should make you very happy. 

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