Omni Severin Plaza Suite vs. JW Marriott Standard King
Posted by toddygee

Hi folks,

Does anyone have first hand knowledge which of the above stated rooms has more floor space?  We're looking to fit 5 people in a room and I've never been to the Omni before.  (Stayed at the JW 2 years ago.)



Posted by divachelle

Omni Severin shows 378 sq. ft. for the Plaza Suite.
JW Standard King is 403 to 479 sq. ft., depending on (I'd assume) if it is a regular or corner room.

I got this information from their respective websites. 

Posted by truelink

JW rooms can vary from room to room even if they are not corner rooms. Two years ago my group had to pull the beds apart to fit an air mattress between them. Last year we had enough room to put two air mattresses at the feet of the beds. (We were staying in queen/queen rooms).

That being said, I do believe the 479 ft². is a corner room max size. The corner rooms vary from 438 sq. ft. to 479 ft². Regular rooms can go as low as 403 ft², but I don't know their upper limit.

Posted by p3ndrag0n

Sorry I dont have first hand knowledge of either but if you are looking to get rid of one of the two...  I'd love to put my name in the hat :)

Edit to say nevermind,  we have found a room :)

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