Getting to Gen Con: Past and Future Stories.
Posted by daringdragoon

I just thought it would be nice to share our journey to and from Gen Con. This year I will be flying from DFW to Indy on August 2 and returning August 7 using AA.

I am looking forward to the least amount of travel time this year. Last year I was working in Mexico for the summer. The company approved my vacation and paid for my flight back to DFW. I did a road trip to Indy with two friends. On the return trip, we drove to Oklahoma to catch a flight because my company needed me back at work in Mexico ASAP. It was many hours in a car and multiple airports. I had to pack for the convention and my return trip to Mexico. I had to do some strategic packing and time management. It was stressful but definitely worth it.  

Posted by ryric

In my early years of going to Gen Con (mid 90s), we used to leave from Michigan in the middle of the night in order to arrive in Milwaukee early Thursday morning, so as to save one night of hotel. Poor college students, and so forth. One year we left at about 2 AM and hit this nasty, terrible thunderstorm. One of those kinds where the maximum wiper speed seems to do next to nothing, and we're all sleep deprived. That was an adventuresome trip. Driving through Chicago at 5 AM was always fun, without all the nasty traffic.

One time we had five people, with luggage, in a compact car for the trip from Kentucky to Milwaukee. Glad I was driving for that one.

Nowadays the trip to Indianapolis seems almost easy. One year I managed to stop at the same gas station as some friends of mine who were also traveling, without planning it ahead of time.

Getting through Louisville is generally a pain because to get from I64 to I69 requires a left exit, then a dash across three lanes in 1/4 mile to another left exit. This year there is construction there too. Fun.

Posted by brotherbock

I knew two guys who were driving back to Buffalo one year in one guy's stick shift. He let his friend drive for a while so he could sleep...and woke up hours later to discover the friend had been driving the whole time in second gear. 

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