Norcal to Indi roadtrip needs more
Posted by teagus

This year will be my groups 5th year going and unfortunately 1 of our regulars can't make it this year so we have 2 seats in the car. We need at least 1 more person to make the drive shifts and travel costs reasonable. We are leaving from redding Tuesday august 2nd and will be back to Redding Tuesday august 9th. if anyone on the west coast would like to fill a seat and can make it to redding or lives somewhere in between Seattle and Redding send me a message.

Its a 36hr drive from redding to Indianapolis, we only stop for gas and fast food and one stop halfway for showers if needed. The cost for 4 is 625$ for 3 it's 830$ this covers the rental car+deposit, gas and hotel. Food and gaming expenses including your entry badge is up to each individual to cover themselves. i suggest bringing at least an additional 1000$ for play money. My second year i went with only 700$ in play money and ran out Saturday morning. Con food is minimum 10$ per meal and i dont believe the hotel offers free breakfast. We usually hit the starbucks on the way to the con in the morning.

There’s space for each person to bring a small duffel bag or gaming bag and a backpack with clothes and entertainment devices. Each person is expected to tuesday morning before we leave and also bring a case of something to drink. We have a small soft cooler in the car to keep drinks cold, we share drinks so we will plan who buys which case prior to leaving so we don't have 4 cases of rockstars (happened our first year). Travel expenses are expected to be delivered to me, the trip coordinator prior to arrival in indianapolis. I’ll have already paid for the rental car and gas and need your portions before we check in to hotel. Candidates for a seat must be at least 18 with valid driver's license and able to safely drive a 6hr shift without issues as well as an additional 6 hrs as co pilot to help next driver stay awake. Gender isn't an issue we are both 30's-40's mature adults in long term relationships though persons aged 21 is preferred to avoid the immaturity of high school kids and since we have our traditional vodka shots before going to the anime show Saturday night.

Please include your name, age, prefered music and beverage, as well as any allergies you may have and your games list, if you play any mini’s games please include the size of the case you intend to bring. Also include your phone number (for phone interview), and a good contact time as well as any chat apps you prefer if you wish to chat in real time before the interview. I personally use google hangouts or skype.

Posted by teagus

we still have one seat left to fill if anyone's interested in joining the roadtrip

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