Hotel Confirmation Questions?
Posted by deltafox65

I just contacted the Hotel that I believed I had reservations at by telephone call.  They were unable to pull up said reservations.  The Reservation Acknowledge Number did not work for them nor did my name.  Am I missing something or do I need to wait until after July 26th to contact them directly when the deposit of one night’s stay is credited.  My tech abilities lag way behind my other skills, used that as a dump stat. So I prefer the old method of telephone conversations to modifying room data on line.  Does anyone have knowledge or experience with this situation to at least give me a +2 to my next roll attempt or must I wait for the Hands of Fate and hope that technology has not forsaken me and I have a place to stay?  Any help would be appreciated, and only truly funny ridicule tolerated.  

Posted by julz05

The reservations haven't been transferred yet, so none of the hotels have our info.  If you need to make changes or want to speak to someone on the phone, you can call the GenCon Housing Call Center at (317) 688-1323.  Someone there should be able to look up your reservation with your Acknowledgement Number.

Posted by bushmaster

I am guessing that until you get a confirmation from the hotel, your reservation is in the Gencon system.

It appears to me that the information that Gencon has on the room blocks will not be released to the hotels until sometime during the last week of July, thus the 26th date.

I know, I have the same "fears" but I am putting my trust in the system.  The Gencon folks have been very good (for me at least) in answering my questions and calming my concerns. 

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Posted by alans

Yes, that :)

Posted by deltafox65

That helps a lot to ease my concerns.  Thanks.

Posted by wiedemnm

Add on question here. The one night deposit counts as one of the nights being paid correct?

Posted by maijstral2 wiedemnm

wiedemnm wrote:
Add on question here. The one night deposit counts as one of the nights being paid correct?
That is correct, the one night deposit is kind of a no show fee. If you cancel after that time then they charge you for one night but if you don't then that fee is applied to your total room charge.

Posted by dreamitdoit

I'm paranoid that our housing block reservation will be canceled for some reason. We have a non-block backup reservation way out in the suburbs.

1. Is it the case that reservations will not be transferred to the hotels until the week before the con?
2. If I wait until after reservations are transferred to the hotel to cancel my backup, am I crazy?

Posted by parody dreamitdoit

1. Yes.
2. Depends on how much money it costs you, I'd say.

FWIW: having gone to every Gen Con Indy, we have yet to have any problems with our reservation going from the housing folks to the hotels.  (Knock on wood.)

Posted by stevespikes

Even though I receive a "confirmation email", I always call the hotel where my party and I are staying at least a week prior to our arrival (usually arrive on that Wednesday) to confirm the reservation, and finalize any details that we require for our stay.

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