Does someone know if the Omni has mini fridges?
Posted by shanew

I am wondering if anyone knows whether the Omni has mini fridges in the rooms or available for request?

Posted by sh4d0w0fw4r

It has been a few years since I stayed there (2015 I believe) but they did have a mini fridge. It was exceptionally tiny and did not have a freezer compartment.

Posted by britbrit

When we were there last year they did not.

Posted by maijstral2

I haven't been there is about 5 or 6 years but they did not have a mini fridge then but you could request one for a small fee. However we were told there are only 20 or so and its first come first serve.

Posted by sh4d0w0fw4r

I could very well be mistaken. I have stayed in a different hotel every year for the last 5 gencons. 

Posted by ryric sh4d0w0fw4r

 I think last year they had a box that we thought was a fridge but it turned out to be an empty minibar thing. It didn't really cool stuff. 

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