Hotel Confirmations? Anyone got them yet?
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Posted by vutpakdi

I noticed that my reservation at the Marriott shows up in my list of reservations at the Marriott website.

Yesterday, I also received an email from someone at the Marriott saying that my card was expired and I needed to send them a new credit card authorization.

Posted by wallbanger7110

Deposit hadn't been taken by Thursday (and still hasn't) but called Staybridge and they confirmed - also had to switch card numbers as Capital One proactively replaced my card in response to a reported security breach someplace that I used, which is actually quite cool, though I was a little nervous that it wouldn't arrive at my house in time for me to leave.  Fortunately that didn't happen and all is good.

Posted by mikepmarkey

OK maybe it wasn't just me having credit card troubles with reservations this year. I've had a ridiculously hard time getting it fixed.  The housing manager from Q-Rooms sent me an email saying my credit card was denied and they were going to dump my reservation. So I quickly called and fixed it (so I thought).  Then I get a phone call from another person at Q-rooms saying they're going to drop my reservation if I don't change my card information.  The hell? So I have them transfer me to the Sheraton and make sure my cc is correct (it still wasn't).  Then I call the next day to make sure it's all worked out, and the Sheraton still has the incorrect cc number, so I fix it a third time. The incorrect number is nothing like my real number, so I have no idea where it came from.

All the while Q-rooms is telling me that they need to charge the first night as a deposit, and the Sheraton is telling me that's not their policy. 

I just this morning had confirmation from Q-Rooms that my deposit was successfully billed (I checked to make sure) and that my reservation is intact.

Posted by truelink

Wow. That sucks.

I still haven't been charged a deposit for my reservation. I had a debit card change due to the Wendy's hack and didn't activate it right away because I was waiting for that deposit charge. Today I just said screw it. If they were going to charge me, they would have done it by now. I updated my card and called the hotel directly (since they have the reservation now) to update my card there. I check in tomorrow; I hope there is no issue with that.

Posted by p3ndrag0n

So my CC was charged,  but never got any confirmation email.  Hopefully no issue. I'll find out first thing tomorrow. 

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