This was posted on reddit, and I thought it should be shared here!

Hi everybody, I made this post last year in this sub, lemme know if it's against any rules or anything. It's usually pretty well received so I'd figure I'd post again for the uninitiated: If ya'll are hungry and want vegetarian/vegan food during Gen Con, I work at an entirely vegan restaurant called Three Carrotslocated inside the Indianapolis City Market (222 E Market Street). Check us out on Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Happy Cow, and probably some other social media things I'm forgetting. We will be having some Gen Con themed specials and offering a 10% discount if you show your Gen Con badge at the counter like the previous two years. If you haven't been to us since last year, we have doubled in size since last Gen Con, taking up the empty booth next to ours. Most notably we hired a baker who kicks ass and we now offer an expanded selection of vegan baked goods. We do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hours this week are 8AM-6PM on Tuesday, and 8AM-8PM Wed-Sat. Closed Sunday. Tomlinson Tap (the bar upstairs at the City Market) will be hosting some Gen Con related events on Friday and Saturday, and as such we may stay open an extra hour or two after 8PM if people are still eating. Our friends at Bee Coffee located right by the convention center (and I believe is open 24 hours a day during Gen Con) will be offering a limited number of our salads/wraps each day as well if you can't quite make the walk to the City Market. I myself attend Gen Con so unfortunately I will not get to meet any of ya'll at the restaurant but perhaps we will end up playing a game together!