Restaurant Theming / Events
Posted by gcbrowni

A thread for themed menus & events in the Restaurants:

  • Scotty's - Paizo. Movies, Menus, heavy decorations. 
  • The Ram - Privateer Press. 
  • Champs - Saltire Games. Evening Trivia night, etc, according to the program guide
  • Tavern on South - Steve Jackson Games , evening events, [Best food on the list thus far.]
  • Tomlinson Tap - Shut Up & Sit Down evening hangouts in years past, and they are at the con again this year according to the catalog. No confirmation they'll be at the Tap, yet.
  • Marriott - Themed drinks in themed cups in years past.
  • Embassy Suites bar - Goodman Games after-hours DCC & beer.

Posted by bakermouse10133

Went to the Ram for a beer, eh not that impressed. Now Tavern on South was great! The food was excellent, and its a bit off the main drags so it wasn't overly crowded.

Posted by cptmusket

Granite City in the mall had a Smirk and Dagger menu.  They also had Pokemon and Game of Thrones themed shirts.

Posted by nikki

Colt's Grill had a themed menu and great movies playing while we were there.  Also, they have great food.

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