Crowne Plaza Airport - Overcharging
Posted by sowhereaminow

Upon return from Gencon 2016, I received my hotel bill via email and found I had been overcharged by the Crowne Plaza Airport by nearly $500.  Repeated calls to the hotel got me put on hold and hung up on several times.  Finally, I got in contact with a manager who told me he couldn't do anything.  

I've contacted Gencon Housing (who is looking into the matter), but they were honestly shocked that this happened and weren't sure what to do.  Needless to say, I will not be doing business with this hotel ever again.  I recommend everyone else should rethink staying there in the future as well.  Your wallet will thank you.

Posted by bpunkert

It may not be "overcharging"; the Crowne Plaza Downtown informed us when we tried to check in that there was a $50 dollar a day incidentals pre-charge that they would refund later. This was not information we were given in any of our receipts or information, either from Q-Rooms or the hotel itself. It was not a hold, it was a CHARGE that they were going to refund us. Depending how long you were in the hotel, it may be something similar. If you were charged AND held for the $50 a day because it was processed incorrectly, that would explain the huge discrepancy.

We also found a seven dollar difference between our estimate and our final charge which nobody could or would explain.

Best of luck to you.

Posted by aldctjoc

$50 a day??? OMG... the Westin just made it $50 period, for the entire stay for me. And that got applied to the breakfast, parking, and other incidentals, so it was used properly. 

Man, I didn't know there'd be that big a difference between the hotels. 

And as far as the $500 discrepancy for the OP: Man, that sort of runaround should be taken up with Crowne Plaza's corporate headquarters. I'd say forget the local management, take it up the chain if they're being intransigent.

Posted by garhkal

Just got done checking mine, and other than the parking charge and gas enroute back home, i am good on my CC..  I feel bad you got doinked over like that..

Posted by sowhereaminow

It was indeed an overcharge.   Gencon housing was able to rectify the situation.   Just waiting for the refund to process.

Posted by garhkal

More than likely it will take a while..  Just like everything else these days it seems..  You owe them, they are quick as heck to collect..  They owe you, they are slower than turtles!

Posted by nascragman

You could always contact your credit card and refuse payment. 

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