Some friends and I were guests at the Staybridge Suites Indianapolis Downtown-Convention Center for Gen Con from August 2nd through August 8th.
Initially everything was good, the front desk and housekeeping staff were very friendly and helpful through most of our stay and the size and amenities of the room were nice.
However, there were several issue with our stay. First, when we arrived we said the bill was supposed to be split three ways with one of the people paying arriving the next day on August 3rd. I initially allowed two-thirds placed on my credit card and when she arrive she provided the front desk with her credit card for her share; however, as we were checking out we found that my card still had two holds instead of placing one hold on her card.
Secondly, the latch to our bathroom door was missing entirely. This meant that not only was there no way to lock it but not even a way to keep it closed without putting something in front of it. This can make using the bathroom odd, especially for one female member in our group of otherwise males.  This issue was brought up to the hotel staff several times but was never resolved over the course of our stay.
Thirdly, the breakfast left something to be desired. The complimentary breakfast included in the hotel was a part of the reason we chose the Staybridge; however items often seemed to be out and were slow to prepare.  I realize that as the convention pulls upwards of 60,000 attendees that the hotel is at capacity; however it was known well in advance that the hotel would be full and this should be better prepared.
Finally, but by far the most disconcerting of all was that the last night of our stay one member of group was walking back from the Speedway convenience store, kitty-corner from the hotel, after getting a snack when he was the victim of an unsuccessful mugging attempt which required us to take him the emergency room at Methodist Hospital for a concussion and a several cuts, once which required stitches.  While I do not hold the hotel responsible, when we informed the front desk clerk of the incident and next day their concern seemed to end with the fact it did not happen on the property so they would not be liable and blew it off saying nothing like that ever happened like that around there. They did not seem to be concerned with the safety and well being of one of their guests in the area immediately by the hotel. We all now seriously question the safety of the area that the hotel is in as well as the hotel’s desire to work to make the area safer.