Experience with Springhill Suites?
Posted by easytarget

Got a room at Springhill Suites, never stayed there before. Anyone have any experience with this place? (How long to Convention Center etc...)

Posted by dreamitdoit

We've stayed there before but not for Gen Con. It's a nice hotel in the Mariott block, so you're at the end of the convention, as it were, but still lots of activity. Really close to the IMAX theater and Eiteljorg if you want to branch out from Gen Con at any point. Still on the skywalk system, and the parking lot attached, while expensive, is vast.

As far as the rooms go, I seem to remember a sort of strange set up where the bathroom was facing the beds and had a translucent door. A problem, I'd guess, if you have people who sleep in and people who like to shower early or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with the light on.

Relatively modern decor though. We'd go back, but it's always booked by the time we get access for Gen Con.

Posted by watchdog

We've stayed there twice in the past and will again this year.  

PROS:  Free breakfast isn't Michelin star, but it'll fill you up and save you some money.  Pretty good sized room.  Connected to ICC via the JW complex. 

CONS:  Mini-fridge in room is more of a cooler.  

Posted by ellis1138

The Springhill used to be my favorite, but we've had trouble getting it, the past few years.

Very spacious and comfortable rooms, with a small divider/desk separating the beds from the sofa area.
The bathroom is split in some rooms, into a sink/shower/tub and a sink/toilet, so multiple people can get ready.
The fridge-like cooler (not a full fridge, but it was fine for drinks) and microwave area are good for snack setups.
Free breakfast and all day coffee/hot water.
Hotel is 100% non-smoking and will work with people who have allergies to down/feathers.

Small but decent pool.

The breakfast is mediocre, and during crowded times, you will lack elbow space.
The sink/shower room has a translucent window, so light will wake others up.
Fairly a long walk away from everything, but it's indoors.


Posted by sadieros73

They ran out of all extras last year like pillows, blankets, sheets....
My daughter got sick all over the room and they barely had anything to help us clean it with. 

Its not a great hotel, but it's close enough not to complain. Don't bother with the breakfast or pool. That being said, since I got a place 10 miles out this year, I'd be thrilled to take it off your hands if the need arises.

Posted by soulcatcher78

We stayed there twice for Gen Con and enjoyed the hotel.  If you park there consider the valet option unless you are not going to use your vehicle at all during the convention.  Since all of the Marriott hotels use the same lot you will have difficulty finding a parking place if you leave.  That being said, I'd stay there again if I hadn't already picked up a room out of block.

The walk to the ICC isn't bad but if you have to make multiple trips it can be a bit trying (YMMV based on weather).  It does connect through the skywalk maze of doom but we found it faster to go outside and were pleasantly surprised that the sun did not cause us to burst into flames. :)

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