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I am looking for information about the bus routes that have serviced the hotels in the past but am not finding anything.  Are there going to be special buses in place for the convention and if so, where is this information?


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marimacc has posted a few times - there are no GenCon sponsored shuttles this year (at this time) and there aren't likely to be any.  Recommend checking Uber, taxi costs, ride sharing, or driving, etc.

Bitte.  :)

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Transportation Update
In 2016, Gen Con will not contract with prior shuttle providers. Instead, Gen Con is investigating other non-shuttle transportation options for attendees. Attendees are encouraged to find the transportation and parking needs that best suit their convention and housing plans. If additional transportation options become available,Gen Con will announce them via email newsletter and messaging on   

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It was still on my clipboard

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marimaccadmin wrote:
It was still on my clipboard


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Go to Google Maps, then search for the hotels.  The bus stops are marked on the map, although you may have to zoom in to see all of them.  (They appear as small blue boxes with a symbol that looks like the front of a bus inside; click on one to show what routes it serves.)

There was no special service for GenCon last year, and I doubt there will be this year.  Even something as big as the OneDirection concert last year did not get any special service.

I can tell you the one I know about, because I used it last year; the hotels in the Park 100 area have the #10 buses go right by them.  Keep in mind that, because the route goes away from downtown first before turning around, it takes about an hour each way.  Note that very few hotels near the airport are near bus lines, except for the $10 shuttle bus that goes from the airport itself to downtown.

Also, you can look for hotels that aren't part of the block on the map; a lot of them are south of downtown.  For example, there's a Super 8, a La Quinta, a Red Roof, and a Holiday Inn Express near South Emerson & Victory, which is served by the #14 and #16 routes (the #14 runs seven days a week), and there's also a Wal-Mart nearby.

I just realized something.  I have a feeling the original poster confused IndyGo (Indianapolis's public bus system) with Go Express (which ran the shuttles last year)...


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We were out at the airport last year. Most hotels have complimentary airport shuttles. Check out The Indy #8 bus. It serves the airport and is a $1.75 (I think) ride to downtown, right past the convention center. It takes longer than the direct bus, but is a lot less than the $10. Friday had about 20-25 folks on it by the time I got downtown, and I was the only one debussing there. Not bad with some planning, but it meant I had to carry my 40-50lbs of stuff all day.
I took cab rides back since the city busses don't run past 11:30pm or so.

Cabs were a terrifying ride at $25 plus tip.

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