First time user of the housing block
Posted by darkpoet

Until this year I had a friend who had a third party for a downtown location each year. This year he could not make it. So off to the housing block. So I have to say this whole thing was a miserable mess, you have failed completely and utterly. 3 hours of waiting and the best you could do was 11 miles out? This is not acceptable. The simple fact you offer rooms that many miles out when you don't even offer a shuttle is just sad. If you had some neckbeards online 9 days ago in a queue and could tell me I had zero chance of something downtown or provided people with GOOD communication on whats sold out in real time that would be fine. Supply and demand is what it is. To add insult to injury I found a hotel off block 6 miles away for half the cost.... Now I get the pleasure of getting bent over for a cancellation fee. Get it together Gen Con...

Posted by kenkendazo

It was random when you can get the room; there was no queue that people were camping in.

Posted by wjpennington

ok, FYI: the day one housing lottery is purely of interest for getting a downtown room. Anyone can find a non-downtown room on their own. This is widely known. Any wait over 90 wont get a downtown room immediately. Keep checkign the wueue..roosm shakeout.

GenCon isnt a bus shuttle company. Everyone complained about the company last year, I'm guuessing they didn't find a better alternative. So, they just didnt bother. I don't blame them.

Limited supply, high demand. You are not a victim.

Posted by kjelstad

I will be looking for neckbeards at the con now.  Don't let me down, people! 

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