An appeasement suggestion
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Appeasment? Really? Entitled much?

Gen Con is doing what they think is best with the recources they have available.  So you didnt get a hotel room connected to the center, Ive been to GC 6 times and have only been connected once, yes its nice at teh end of the day to be right there but being across town didnt make things anyless fun.  And even when i was connected i never even thought about going back to my room until the end of the day, i was to busy gaming and having fun to do that.

you dont want to go if you cant get a connected hotel? great dont go, GenCon wont miss you.

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dballing wrote:
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marimaccadmin wrote:
It is astounding to me that a situation that has resolved is cited as a lack of concern.  
THe situation has not resolved. It has transformed. The lottery is a stopgap that treats everyone fairly, but does not resolve(well) the issue of access to the convention in a timely manner.
As to calling the matter a lack of concern, I stand by the claim. When an issue happens repeatedly, is pointed out and little or no action is taken then I attribute that to a lack of concern. If action was attempted and was unsuccessfuil then there is still a to properly communicate the status.  That the housing portal problem was mostly resolved by the lottery does not address the event registration issues. I don't know how last years went but the years prior were, and I'll be polite, disappointing. This year remains to be seen.
I think if the same attempt is made to use a lottery for event registration then things will go poorly indeed. Event registration is much more time critical than even housing. A lottery will NOT be a popular solution and certainly won't work well with the 'wish list' scenario that I remember.
Again, GenCon management cannot be held resposible for the amount of events ort their popularity, but a lottery for event registration would effectively DOOM anyone more than a few dozen minutes out.
I think the only solution will be a system that can handle the throughput and let everyone on at the same time and we take our chances together.

I love it when a gif says everything needed.

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