Sheraton City Centre Experience?
Posted by raphael76

Hey folks, as the title states, I'm looking for anyone who can share their experience/knowledge of this hotel. Our group has always been at the JW, but we landed this hotel this year. It appears nice from what I can see, but obvious questions are:
1. What are the rooms like?
2. What are the breakfast options (I know they have a Starbucks)
3. And most importantly, is there an area in the hotel for open gaming?

I appreciate any feedback any of you can share.

Posted by lore seeker

Well, I got pretty lucky during my stay a couple years ago. When I arrived, the room wasn't ready (even though it was past check-in time) so I had to wait an hour to check in, killing time. The hotel allowed me to stay in a suite (even though I'd only booked a regular room) for no extra cost as compensation. Pretty nice surprise, especially since the suite had a fridge.

The suite was very nice - spacious, two TVs (one in the living room area, one in the bedroom). All in all, very nice stay.

If you're a AAA member, ask about AAA discounts. When I did that, they comped my parking costs - a nice savings of over $100. Don't know if they still do that, though.

Posted by raphael76

I am an AAA member, so I will definitely check on that, thanks for the tip!

Posted by sabash

If you can swing an extra $20/night (I think that's the price) you can get access to their Club Room.  The club room has some tables I've used in the past for gaming.  They also have free soda and drinks, free snacks throughout the day and breakfasty stuff in the morning.  I believe you just need to pay that per room, not per person, which makes it a pretty good deal, in my opinion.  Or I've been robbing them by allowing everyone in my room access.  They only give you one key for the room, so you have to coordinate.

(You can do this upgrade at check-in time)

Some details:

Posted by brion

We had a room there last year and only had one gripe that turned out to be pretty major: the elevators. We were 2 floors from the top (I think it was the 19th floor) and it was routine to wait over 15 minutes for an elevator to come up there. We eventually learned that there is a service elevator that only goes to the top floor and the first floor. We ended up running up 2 floors to get the service elevator much more quickly.

Posted by brotherbock

Very nicely appointed rooms. We stayed there the first time they got into the block (the year they made a mistake and offered rooms early-bird booked at the end of the previous GC for I think about $120/night...oops. They made good on the offer, though.)

Good staff. A little light on sit down and game space outside of the rooms if you're not in the Club Room, but our group isn't so big on that.

Enjoyed it. An extra block further than a few places, but I can walk.

Posted by raphael76

Ok, so looks like the only issue might be open gaming space, but I think we can work around that. Thanks all

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