Anyone live in Indy who can tell me if this is a good area?
Posted by boardcrunch

So friends and I grabbed a AirBnB and I do not know the area to tell what I'm getting.

I'd like some local opinion if possible.

It's in Irvington.

40 Johnson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States

Thanks for any info.

Posted by kjelstad

I have read from a few people that you dont want the east block hotels but you look to be half way between those hotels and the convention.

Posted by grtbrt

You are about 5 miles from the convention. There is a good deal of auto theft,burgalries and low level crime in that area (mostly a block or 2 each side of Washington. Take a look at the crime tracker for that area and see if you are comfortable . I just recently moved from Indy (lived there 12 years) and I wouldn't stay in that area but everyone is different . But there is a decent coffee place near there .
I have had friends that lived near there and moved when they could .

Posted by rayken

We almost stayed at a very shady hotel a few years back, but I forgot where it was. I remember hearing Irvington, though. It was reallllly bad. So I'd definitely make sure.

Posted by keithbradburn

This might help. Type the address in up at the top.  There can be a couple of annoying pop ups but shows the reported crimes.

Posted by ematuskey

I have a reservation for Hampton Inn Indianapolis-East, right off the freeway--what's wrong with East Indy? 

Posted by grtbrt

East Indy is a not so good part of Indianapolis ,but it all depends where in East Indy . Your Hampton Inn is right off the Highway and while an older property is not in a bad area (very little residential right around it ). Plus right near there is a large and fun indoor paintball place (Dark Armies ).

Posted by aldctjoc


I have been to that area exactly once, oddly enough during GenCon in 2014. If you look on Google maps, there's a "Legend Classic Irvington Cafe" and a "Black Acre Brewing Company" bewpub on Washington, half a block north of the address you gave. I went there and did not feel unsafe at all that evening.

But that said:
1. Like I mentioned, it was only once.
2. It's not exactly the same spot your AirBNB is listing.
3. I was only there a few hours for some drinks and dinner, which is hardly the same as staying overnight for a few days.

If you were driving east from the Convention Center, you do end up going through some depressed, and a couple of outright shady parts of town to get there. So I don't know if that factors into things for you. 

Sorry I don't have any more information than that. I simply don't have the experience to tell you if I'd feel safe staying a few nights. But that said, I can say I've got no problem visiting the area, and would go again for either the restaurants on the block or that brewpub, if that helps any.

Posted by genconkeeper

Great neighborhood, nice bookstore just up the block and some good places to eat just around corner. Jockamo's is about a 1/2 down on Washington, best pizza joint in the state. There is a Family Dollar at Ritter and Washington, it's a pretty good one my neice is Asst. Mang. There a new Cajun joint just down the block pretty damn good.


Posted by deltafox65

As some people have stated on here to get from your palce to the convention center you will be driving through some economically depressed areas.  But the Irvington Area in of itself is a great older community which the City of Indianapolis has been reinvesting in with some gusto.  It is the eastside version of Speedway in that regards, (without the track of course).  It is an older community surrounded by some not so great crime statistics, but the area itself is a great neighborhood.  I would stay there myself and feel safe, but would suggest reaching out to the renters and get a better feel from them.  Because at the end of the day although I do know the area I am still just a west side surburbanite who would probably end up defending the virtues of any area within the City of Indianapolis.

Posted by t3nt4

Stumbled on this forum recently. Not recent enough. I just booked a room at a motel 6 on north shadeland ave. Looks like on the crime tracker all crime occurs only on that street. Must be a glitch right?

Posted by genconkeeper

Yea, not what I as a local I would consider a safe choice. I would bail on it if I were you.

Posted by aldctjoc

Ok, straight honesty: I once stayed at that exact same hotel when my group realized we had a time misunderstanding and needed to stay in town to make an event. On the plus side: I didn't outright feel scared or intimidated when I was there, and they did have a guy actively monitoring entry into the parking lot. Wasn't a paid guard or anything, just another employee, but it was partially blocked off and being monitored. 

On the minus: Room quality was barely adequate for an emergency overnight and sure as hell wasn't a JW Mariott or Westin. I went from "man, I hope the bed's comfy..." to "Man, I hoped they changed the sheets this year...". My roommate felt the same. Also, while I didn't feel fearful, I couldn't say I felt entirely secure. It was an area where I'd say you can be safe if you kept your guard up and simply went directly to and from the hotel room, but I wouldn't place it any higher than that. I personally wouldn't have wanted to do a multi-night stay there, and I definitely wouldn't have wanted to do one by myself. I know I could have by just being alert and minimizing time outside, but I wouldn't have wanted to.

If you can get a better place, I'd say go for it and don't hesitate. Even if it's a hotel of similar quality in a different area with a longer commute to the con. If you're alone, most definitely find a different place. That said, if you'd end up stuck with that room, I'd say that with diligence, being actively aware of your surroundings, and staying partnered up in a buddy system or group, you can deal with it. It's not a zero on a scale of 1 to 10, but it sure as hell isn't a five either. 

Posted by boardcrunch genconkeeper

genconkeeper wrote:
Yea, not what I as a local I would consider a safe choice. I would bail on it if I were you.

Speaking about my original post or the additional comment from a random about Motel 6?

Posted by lore seeker

As long as we're looking for advice from Indianapolis natives, I may as well ask about my hotel:

Sleep Inn
1244 West 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Good neighborhood?

Posted by colin1012


Looks like we will be staying at the same Hotel. Looked it up doesn't look like the greatest neighborhood or the greatest hotel but seems like they have a bed and and a shower which will be all I need for the 4-6 hours a night I will be there.

Posted by maijstral2

There are a bunch of nice cheap(ish) hotels at southport crossing about 7 miles south of the convention center. Its a small hotel restaurant complex right off the highway, never had a problem either with crime or cleanlyness and its a straight shot from the hotels up the highway to the convention center only took me about 10 minutes each way including traffic. 4(maybe 5) chain hotels,steakhouse, Bob Evans, Wendys and steak and shake all within a few hundred yards of each other and a few other hotels and restaurants just across the highway. If I can't stay downtown this is definitely the place I would stay.

About 10 years ago I stayed at a hotel in the same place as the original poster,if not the same hotel it has changed ownership and name at least twice, and it was okay. It was nestled right up against the freeway so you could hear the traffic noise all night long. Didn't bother me but it might someone else. Felt a little skechy, but truthfully I didn't have any problems so it was just a feeling not anything actually happening.

Posted by brotherbock

Any opinions on the Downtown Sheraton, off the Circle? 

I've stayed there before, whenever I'm in town that whole area always seems overrun with sketchy looking people in back t-shirts. Some of them carry swords. 

Posted by conniebennett

Irvington has been getting some very good press lately.  Apparently the home values are going up and they are selling like hotcakes.  There are a lot of newer restaurants in the area.  I lived just west of there for several years.  You definitely go through some rough areas to get there but Irvington itself isn't bad.

As for the Motel 6: I'd get out of that if I could.  That is not a good one at all.  There are some decent places just east of there on 21st Street but they're a little pricier.  

I lived on the east side for years.  Areas to avoid would be Post Road from I-70 to 46th Street, Washington from about New Jersey to Emerson, Shadeland from 21st Street to 46th Street.  I can think of other places but I don't think there are any hotels there.

Indianapolis has gotten a bad reputation lately but it is really only certain areas that are really scary.  I got out of one of those areas but I don't fear living here at all and really enjoy many parts of town.  In fact, if people have a good deal of time free, a trip out to Main Street in Speedway might not be a bad bet.  Plenty of new restaurants and a brewery or two out that way.

Posted by lore seeker

Still wondering if I can get some info from Indy residents about the place I'm staying:

Sleep Inn
1244 W 16th St.

Any idea what the surrounding area is like?

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