Homewood Suites Downtown
Posted by ephraim

They have a room or rooms available at least for Fri-Sun for $289 a night. Found on Expedia.

Posted by papalorax

if you value having space to play games and hang out...there is no better option.

Posted by aldctjoc

Damn... I'm getting nothing for them on either Expedia or their Hilton hosted site. Might be gone now.

Oh well... thanks for the info anyway. Stuff like this I think we all want to hear, even if we're late or don't otherwise get it. 

Posted by ephraim

I still see it for 8/5-8/8 

Posted by magdalenebloom

I got one of their rooms a month or two ago. I kept checking their website (because that is one of my favorite hotels) and then suddenly one day a room was available for the week. 

I would suggest if st if you want to get in there and nothing seems to be available, keeping checking back, you might be lucky.

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