What to do before Gen Con starts?
Posted by qwaserity

It's one the north side of town but I've hit the Dave and Busters on Wednesday night the last two years. Wednesday is 2 for 1 day.

Also, two years ago, my nephew and I did the Colts/Giants preseason football game on Saturday night. It was a very different break from gaming but it was a good way to shut off the brain for a few hours and yell at other people playing. Unfortunately, this year football starts later than GenCon.

Posted by krechevskoy

There were a couple of new attractions to Indy since the last GenCon:

Sarah Fisher retired from the indy 500 but opened her own kart racing and restaurant. 

It is across the way from the Indy 500 track. 

There is also a new Bar downtown "Tappers Arcade Bar", basically a bar with retro arcade games and decent food and vid game related drinks. 
501 Virginia Ave, Suite 102
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 602-6411

Also as stated prior, there is an Indy 11 soccer game and also AAA Indianapolis Indians, (Pittsburgh affiliate). 


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