GM Housing Block? Myth, or Reality?
Posted by marimaccadmin

It is correct that to apply for a room in the GM Housing Block, your group would have to meet the 800 player hour threshold.

And yes, even one person can be a group, but a room is not going to be given to a group of one.

Posted by braewe

So it seems to me that you might consider combining with another group who doesn't meet the required 800 hours, and together, qualify for a comped room. If you've been running for gen con for that long, the long-standing relationship part is met.

Course, this does then mean sharing the room with the folks in that group.

IMO though

room shared and comped > room unshared, oob, not compensated in any way UNLESS

You're in a position similar to mine, where although I am running enough events to qualify, I am bringing along two daughters and a granddaughter, and while the one daughter is fine with staying anywhere, the one with the one-year old wants to be walking-distance close, or she isn't coming. I was unable to get downtown in block, so no reimbursement for me. Such is life. I am still haunting the housing portal, so that may change but for's out of block.

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