traveling to and from convention
Posted by vtgamergirl

So I noticed sadly that there is no shuttle service this year.
Any advice/pricing/ how to travel from the super 8 5241 w bradbury ave?
I would also be interested in sharing cab fees with other con attendees that are staying there. 

Posted by suburbaknght

Uber and cabs are good options.  It shouldn't be too hard to find people to pool with to the con, though if you want to split costs you should agree on pick up times for the evening.

Downtown parking is available, though it does fill up fairly quickly.  Plan to arrive by 7:30 if you want something close to the convention center.

Valet parking is nice since you can drop the car off instead of searching around; the valet people will take it to a remote lot and then bring it back for you, no muss no fuss.  It is, of course, expensive.

Some (though not many) hotels have their own shuttles; call yours in advance to check.

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