Dealing with Q-rooms
Posted by jedibcg

Anyone else get attitude with dealing with Q-rooms customer service?  I was attempting to understand the way the system works to be able to book a room and Rita is giving me all kinds of attitude.  Customer service does not seem to be her speciality.  Anyone else getting similar treatment or have a good experience with her?

Posted by boc_mage

I've had very good luck with Rita in the past year. Especially since i had to do 3 transfers. Mind you it took multiple phone calls to figure out exactly what information was needed when and from whom. Felt like the bmv. Once i had X,y z in the correct order it was no problem. Otherwise...

Posted by brotherbock

They've always been great, patient with me in the past, even with a multiple transfer of the same room. Not sure if it was Rita, but I haven't had any issues.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Rita has a mild accent.  Honestly I've never seen any complaints about her before, but I'm sorry you had issues with her.

Posted by suburbaknght

I've worked with her twice in past years.  She's always been helpful.

Posted by jedibcg marimaccadmin

marimaccadmin wrote:
Rita has a mild accent.  Honestly I've never seen any complaints about her before, but I'm sorry you had issues with her.
Thank you.  I don't know how she and I got off on the wrong foot but she definitely took issue with me for some reason.

Posted by roundtop

My only guess is "trying to understand the way the system works" can easily translate as "Hello, I would like to metagame your booking system. Please tell me exactly how it works so I can find ways around it / break it".

It was a couple years back now, but I did a room swap/give-away and had no problem with it.

Posted by jedibcg

True but I had specific questions.  A Saturday downtown room became available yet it was not possible to book three consecutive days including it because they were not available.  Yet someone was able to book it.  I was asking things like do the three consecutive days need to be at the same hotel.  I don't think that is metagaming the system but attempting to learn why someone else was able to book it and I wasn't.  She just wanted to quote me the Gen Con booking policy, which I know and kept saying there was nothing else she could do to help.  I had one question.  How was someone able to book a room that I was not.

She told me that if a downtown hotel has to include Saturday and has to be 3 consecutive days.  Yet the system will let you book just Sunday.  I pointed out that she proved me incorrect information and she said I was making a specious argument.  She provided me with the incorrect information so I am not certain how I was making a specious argument.

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