Starwood Hotels Merges With Marriott Hotels
Posted by stevespikes

Starwood Hotels and Resorts merges with Marriott Hotels and Resorts.  Marriott bought Starwood, whose properties include Sheraton, Westin, among others.

For any of you who have reward cards with either Starwood, and/or Marriott, both rewards programs will, for now, remain separate.  Though, members of both programs can link their accounts:

Will this news make you think about where you will make your reservation for future conventions?

Here's an article regarding the merger:

Posted by stevespikes

Personally, I like the Westin.  It's nice and close, . . . and connected to the Indiana Convention Center.  But so is the Marriott next door.  I guess it all depends on the rates each property will offer when Housing goes live early next year.  So we'll see what happens then.

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