Ha! JW Marriott!
Posted by david campbell

JW just popped up as during one of my random 'Check The Housing' routines..... for my days! Woot!

Wait: $1127 a night? It's a Hospitality Suite; so $4500 a night BEFORE taxes. 

Um... I'll keep looking, thanks!


Posted by brotherbock

That price is entirely inhospitable. False advertising.

Posted by jammerina

Haha, yeah I was about to post this. The ASTRONOMICAL COST however is because the room can hold up to 20 people.

"The Hospitality Suite is approximately 800 square feet and can hold up to 20 people. The suite has a living area, dining area and full bath.  Suite features a Murphy Bed and a table for 8. The connected bedroom has 2 queen size beds."

So for 5 adults, that's a little over $225/person/night before taxes, so it's really not bad.

Hopefully that suites someone's needs!

EDIT: Actually after looking at this, if you fill the room to max occupancy of 20 people, if the fees don't change from 1-20 people and it's still 1127/night before taxes, each person would pay only $56.35/night. What does that $56.35 a night get you?

You get a spacious 40 ft² to claim as your own in the room (a little over 6ft x 6ft, enough space for a sleeping bag, a duffel bag, your shoes and maybe an alarm clock!), you get to share a bathroom with 19 other con-goers, and you're only 1 block away from the con!

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me :)

Posted by onelittlemoment

I just did the SAME thing.
But there is no way our group of four can afford $1127 a night.

Thanks for the false hope, QRooms. :(

Posted by aldctjoc

Well, it can hold 20 people... not sure it could sleep them. Here's the floorplan:


Taken from the link at:

I think it'd be more about having a room you could use to entertain some folks or have a meeting, but still sleep in it yourself or with your spouse/significant other afterwards. If the 800 sq ft figure is accurate, I'm not sure anyone would want to try sleeping 20 people in it. But hey, if anyone's group of 20 wants to try... :D

Posted by jedibcg

The 800 sq ft is the hospitality suite.  It also has an adjoining double/double.  The Suite has a either a murphy bed or a pull sofa bed.  So you could sleep 6 in beds.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Right, that's not sleeping capacity.  

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