Dear Gencon, Please don't grant exclusive food licenses to the food trucks.
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Posted by sfrazer

First, thanks for hosting one of my favorite events every summer. I've been attending GenCon on and off since you guys were in Milwaukee and I always have a wonderful time.

I do feel compelled to write about one thing from last year's convention: Hotbox Pizza apparently bought the rights to become the exclusive pizza food truck that year.

In my personal opinion this was an enormous mistake. Even if you believe that Hotbox Pizza makes the best pizza in Indy (no one I've talked to believes this) limiting the selection of the food truck area is a bad precedent to set. Will Potbelly's buy up the rights to sandwiches next year?

I hope you'll reconsider this choice for GenCon 2016. It would be a shame to see my favorite pizza food trucks (Hey Pi Indy! reduced to selling sandwiches again this year.

Thanks, Scott Frazer

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Posted by brotherbock

I agree too. Bit of a slippery slope that could start there.

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Posted by dream spawn

Didn't go last year, so I didn't know that this was a thing. Sounds like a horrible idea.

Posted by aklevah

Did you look at the front page of the Gen Con Website?  The sponsorships appear to be updated and Hot Box is the Official Pizza of Gen Con again in 2016. 

Posted by sfrazer

And now I'm sad.

Posted by brotherbock

You can still order from other places for delivery to your game/hotel, though. That's something at least.

Posted by sfrazer

Not nearly as convenient, though. Walking out to the food truck area to new pizza every day was a joy. Walking out there and knowing there's only HotBox is...  disappointing.

Posted by brotherbock

Yeah, I get you. I was just trying for something positive :)

Maybe the other places need to implement delivery for by-the-slice orders for the Con. Is that the only place food trucks can park, that ped mall? If the other places set up trucks somewhere else downtown, a guy on a bike or scooter could be running slices over to the big plaza by the Crowne for delivery.

Then just hit Twitter with your truck's phone number, and you're in business.

Posted by rodoubleb

I have a hard time believing that Gencon is dictating what the outside food trucks can or cannot sell, regardless of being an official sponsor.   Is this really a thing?  There are food trucks at other nearby locations.

Posted by sfrazer

It definitely was last year. There were several pizza trucks that weren't selling pizza, only calzones and sandwiches. When I asked one of them why they told me HotBox had an exclusive deal.

Maybe I'll start taking signatures on a petition near the HotBox folks if they do it again this year. :-)

Posted by brotherbock

Calzones are pointless. They're just pizza that's harder to eat. No one likes them.

Posted by genconkeeper

I am pretty sure NY Slice was there because they are everywhere downtown. There has always been several pizza trucks in the mix. Remember there are four shifts and five days so they might be there and you might miss them.

Posted by jmsetzer

Randy, the "pizza trucks" we're there but they were not allowed to sell pizza; they had to sell other food items instead. And I agree, it kinda sucked they were shut out.

Posted by noone

If you want good pizza just go to Georgieo's on monument circle.  It's cheaper and when you add in the food truck line time, just as fast.  I also agree that they shouldn't shut out anyone else.

Posted by onelittlemoment

Georgieos is tasty, but a bit of a hike.
Be sure to give yourself enough time. 

Posted by aldctjoc

Bazbeaux. But holy jeebus, that's even a longer hike than Giorgio's. :)

Posted by keithbradburn

Giordano's is supposed to be open in May.  It will be at the corner of Illinois and Market, next to Bucca.

Posted by ploveking

 I didn't think hotbox was worth the time, especially with so many interesting food trucks nearby. The lines were rough at times, and bringing in more food trucks would be a good thing. is it possible for the food trucks to spread into the next block of georgia st?

  When the lines are long, it's time to walk. It's really odd that going one block reveals a bunch of empty restaurants. I racked up over 40 miles of walking at gencon last year, and maybe I cover more ground than most, but why does everyone stay in sight of the convention center, or only go to the food court at the mall?

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