Recommended sit-down restaurants
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Posted by bith gamerlaura

gamerlaura wrote:
as far as recommendations, we make it a point to go to the old Spaghetti Factory (get the broccoli--seriously!),
If you have any kind of food issues, or allergies, I would counsel against the old spaghetti factory.  My wife is Lactose intolerant, and we went there last year figuring she'd be able to get at least a salad, and probably something alongside it.

When she asked, the server had no idea what dishes had cheese and/or dairy in them.  Not a huge deal, not all servers do, so she went back and asked the cooks.  *The cooks* did not know either.  Meaning they aren't actually cooking it, they are re-heating/preparing it.

Whatever, standard chain restaurant operations right?  So she just gets a salad, no cheese.

Shouldn't be hard, right?  Put the salad ingredients on a plate, and just don't put the cheese on it.  What did she get?  A prepared salad that had literally had the top scraped off of it to remove the cheese.  It was a plate of iceberg lettuce.  To her credit, the waitress was very apologetic about it. 

Needless to say... not going back there.

Posted by gamerlaura

Fair point there. Although I will say that my vegan friend have a plate of pasta with regular marinara sauce there with no issues. But yeah, obviously, ymmv for anyone with food sensitivities. Not minimizing that at all.

Posted by aldctjoc brewski

brewski wrote:
Found it in the article. Not walking distance.

There's more than one, but as the friendly exchange upthread between brotherbrock and me shows, there's some variation in what people consider reasonable walking distance :D. O'Bryan's Nine Irish Brothers, for example, shows as being about 1.3 miles away from the ICC on Google. That's no problem for some, but a huge distance for others. 

That said, the majority will be well beyond walking distance by darn near anyone's measure. Keystone Sports Review? 56th street and College, more than 7 miles from the convention center. McGilvrey’s? 3009 N High School Road, 13+ miles west. 

There are restaurants downtown that do serve one though. I know Loughmiller's Pub ( does, and they're just on the opposite side of the Westin, quite literally one block away from the north doors of the ICC. That's walkable for most people. Whether it's any good or not is another matter, since I've never had one from there myself (and I don't see it on that review blog either). But I'm seriously thinking about trying them.

Ps. The O'Bryan's mention comes from a new list in USA Today - 

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