Daydreaming about Gen Con.
Posted by daringdragoon

I was taking a break from my midterm to check the forums when my partner came in to check on my progress. I quickly closed the tab for like I was being caught watching porn. I know I should be focusing on my midterm but I just want to be August. Only 71 more days to Gen Con!!!

Posted by chickd19

Started filling out my next schedule for work and realized Gen Con was on it. Definitely excited.

Posted by daringdragoon

I will be finishing up my summer classes in July and graduating in August. This will be my graduation and anniversary trip (6 years). 

Posted by jmiller1138

I'm always torn, because i want it to be time for GenCon, but that means basically the end of summer.  Plus this particular year I have so much I need to do this summer before the trip: moving, getting kid ready for first year of kindergarten, business travel.  It's hard to wait until the end of summer.  :(


Posted by daringdragoon

It was hard for me to wait last summer. I was working internationally last year. I was only in the US for nine days last summer. 

Posted by turbostar

I know that feeling about wanting GENCON to be be here already!  It's the best week of gaming of the year, but once it's over- it's over.  It's almost just as exciting with the weeks leading up to it talking with friends and visiting the forums.  It all goes by so quickly!

Just have to remember to be as productive as possible leading up to the show and when we finally get there to take time and breathe it all in. 

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