Question about How to gain a Table to show off a new game
Posted by mariuccij

Hi, I'm not sure if this has been answered before, very sorry if it has and I haven't seen it!

I've been busy building a role-playing hero building adventure board game called HEXplore It, and I'm wondering what the protocol is for getting a table to have business cards to set out. I realize I may be late to actually get my game into the events list, but wanted to see if someone could point me in the right direction.

Many thanks!!


Posted by britbrit

You can still register to get some events up. They are still accepting event registration and if I remember right they accept right up till last minute. Derek Guder is event manager, can message him for more questions. His user name on forums is derekguder.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yes, you could still set up an event at this point, though it's unlikely to get approved and placed right away.  You cannot just have a table to have business cards set out. There is an option to buy a whole table, if you wanted to run demos at it, but at this point, that's very expensive and I'm not even sure if there is space left for that.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by mariuccij

Thanks britbrit and Marian!

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