Greetings All, 
Hopefully everyone had as good a time at Gencon as I did.  I am reaching out to put a name to a face I met at the Con.  
While inside the Catalyst booth in the Exhibitor Hall on Friday, my son and I ran into a Battletech player from Germany.  
He was dressed in custom battletech fatigues including unique patches from his campaigns. One of the patches has something like Operation Gotterdammerung(sp?)  What I could tell is that he was flying back to Germany on Saturday and he might have been traveling with other battletech players.  We swapped stories about having mechs blown up around us.  
If this is you, just let me know your name.  I have a picture of you and my son you might like, plus I was hoping to set up a battletech game with you next year if you come to Gencon next year.