So who's already thinking of NOT attending 2018??
Posted by garhkal

I know we had a massive surge in people this year, cause of it being the big 50, and there inevitably will be people that won't come next year..  So anyone know of some?
For ME i won't as i need to do some big saving, so i can get a new darn car.  Mine is starting to act like it's on its last legs..  BUT 140k_ miles over 12-13 years of ownership (15k new price when i bought it) i've certainly gotten my money's worth...

Posted by lord thrifty the cromulent

I waffled on it for a while.  Since I'm local, I don't have to spend much.  Only the badge, event tickets, and whatever I decide to spend on the auction or the exhibit hall (which isn't much; I'm pretty thrifty).

I haven't bought my badge yet.  Gonna wait until the event catalog is available.  I am leaning toward going but not taking any time off work for it, so I only really attend Friday evening and Saturday.  I might take just Friday off and do Thursday evening / Friday / Saturday.

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