Old Spice Creates New Playable Class for 'Dungeons and Dragons'
Posted by gib_rebeg

Old Spice (yes, that Old Spice) has entered the tabletop RPG world.Old Spice is best known for its line of male grooming products like deodorant and cologne, but it appears that someone on their marketing team has a geeky side as well. Earlier this week, Old Spice announced via their Twitter that they had created a new playable class for Dungeons and Dragons....yes, THAT Dungeons and Dragons. The tweet included a link to a four page PDF that contained a surprisingly detailed set of rules for a new Gentlemen/Gentle-Lady class built around extreme over-the-top confidence in one's own abilities.


Posted by andrewj.rager

Never played DND or any RPG's but this makes me want to try. I noticed it says its for 3.5 and not 5.0. I'd love to just belt out, "I'm on a horse" as I do random actions.

Posted by brooks


Just emailed this to my entire gaming group; who would have thought a company has a sense of humor, a gaming geek on staff, and the time and effort to put that together.

There was also and admonishment that they are never, ever allowed to play this base class. 

Posted by helenbb

That os too funny! It sounds like an awesome character to play, and makes me wish we were still playing 3.5 so I could try it out...

I suppose it's only a matter of time before someone makes this class for Pathfinder. ;)

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