Dice rolling. On table, in tray/box, or using tower?
Posted by garhkal

So for all our gamers, when you roll dice, do you just roll them openly on a table?  IN a box?  On a tray with OR without a tower?

Posted by brooks

I've always just gone out openly on the table. 

Posted by jedikitty

My DIY tray/box thing, no tower

Posted by matthias9 garhkal

garhkal wrote:
So for all our gamers, when you roll dice, do you just roll them openly on a table?  IN a box?  On a tray with OR without a tower?

Yes, I do.

Posted by traveller

I use Dungeonz Dice Calculator on my tablet.  On the plus side, I'm able to setup my normal rolls (initiate, attack, damage, spells) to hot buttons and save them under different characters.

Posted by deadsaidfred

@traveller - I get the convenience, but don't you miss the tactile thrill of grabbing the dice and rolling?

Posted by traveller

The first few times, but after a few shatter and fireballs, I got over it.

I always have as many of what ever sided dice i need at my fingertips....

Now, my dice are what i collect for me (i've got dice going back 40 years).


Posted by lordnlkon

Rolling dice on the table for me, nothing else just has the same visceral feeling.

Posted by rhone1

Tray or table.  I prefer a tray, the dice are right there and they don't fly all over the place.  GM's are usually happy about dice not knocking over the minis.

Posted by dranthor

Usually I roll the dice on the table. I have also required my gamers to roll in a tray especially if I had games I wasn't sure of.  At a convention I would have them roll on the table.  My rolling rule as a GM is that the person on the left and right witness the roll and they only roll when I tell them to.  Example I won't  let a person roll to hit then tell me what they rolled before they were told to roll for the attack.  In some systems I use a computer spread sheet of numbers like if I have several mages that might through fireballs in a game I might had a spread sheet with fireball damage on it. It would have other useful rolls on it  also.  I would mark off each roll as it was used.

Posted by geezer

I use a dice tower, or High Roller our automated dice roller/statistical analyzer that we will demo on Trade Day at 2:00 PM.  It rolls dice, interprets the roll, and stores results in a database for later analysis of dice fairness. 

Posted by dizz

Depends on the surface of the table. On felt or a player mat, we just roll directly on the surface. One of our regular hosts has a polished metal table. EVERYONE rolls in a felted tray or game box top there, otherwise all of the humans and cats would go mental from the noise. Wood tables, it varies. Another good reason to roll into a tray is to avoid dice going too far and having people react to grab the dice and accidentally knocking over drinks and things. None of us has a game table with holes for drinks and we don't want rules around snacks and bevvies, that's too fussy. Apps are fine if that's your thing. One of our guys is a statistics professional, we just nod and smile. Having people police other people's rolls doesn't sound like fun to me.

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