Bloons games have always been well-loved and popular amongst gamers. This game has had several upgrades along these years. One such is Bloons Tower Defense 5 (BTD 5). This particular variant features a tower defence system. With amazing gameplay, exciting features and characters, this game will give you a load of adrenaline rush and fun. This fun game has a stunning cartoon looks that are ideal for players of all ages. Let’s check out this one of awesome browser games to play with friends online.

Everyone can flourish through every level.

Everybody loves this game but not everyone can flourish through every level and make it to the winner’s club. This could be due to many reasons. However, to aid to our fellow games we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you through to the end. Read through to unlock the secrets:
1. Rank it up to Unlock:

Much like most defence games, Bloons TD 5 also has a rank-up system where you unlock new towers as you go along. So when you progress through BTD 5 and finish those stages, you will rank up. And as you rank up, you will gain more user experience. This will help you in unlocking more towers, playing under different modes and unlocking more missions and towers. 
2. Fixed Upgrades:

There are several games that have a system of upgrades via unlocking levels. However, there is no provision for external upgrades. But in Bloons TD 5 you can procure permanent or fixed upgrades that will stay through your entire gameplay. 

Use your tokens in procuring these smart upgrades

Bloons 5 enables its players to spend personal cash as well as tokens on purchasing fixed upgrades. What this does is enrich your gaming experience while also making the challenges doable and more rewarding. Make this a priority to use your tokens in procuring these smart upgrades that will last for the entire duration of your run.
3. Monkey Village:

Let me get you acquainted with the Monkey Village, it is a tower present in the game that supports an array of exciting bonuses. These bonuses can be an increase in speed, a popping power etc.
Monkey Village blesses every tower in its vicinity with these awesome bonuses. Your aim should be to get this monkey village. As the monkey village is not just a house for bonus treats but also many other things. 
4. Interim Save:

What is Interim Save you may ask? It is a smart trick opted by players which helps them in later rounds. If you’re fighting through an odyssey and you suddenly have to leave, don’t hit restart or exit. Instead, exit the entire game by shutting it down as you normally may do on your phones.
What this does is interim save your progress, which basically means that you can resume the game and carry on from where you were playing last. 
However, this is only a temporary way to save and begin a new mission will erase all previous data.  
5. Make Side Income: 

An amazing way to get some extra bonus in the game is through Banana Farms. These are by far the cheapest yet smartest method of getting that extra side cash. Apart from popping Bloons and calculating the points, you make after every round, banana farms are excellent.  
What banana farms do is to create several bundles bananas which you can collect by tapping in. Be smart and quick here, as failing this will spoil those bananas and they will disappear from the screen. 
Banana farms can be made as many as you please as long you still have space around your towers. Also, make sure that your towers have enough defence handling capacity as well. 
Find more ways to generate extra income as more cash means better upgrades and more towers. These things equate to a sure-shot win.
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6. Delay the Bloons:

Many players confuse winning towers as the only method to win for sure. As a matter of fact, high-damaging towers don’t qualify you as a clear winner. Even with good numbers, you can get overwhelmed by the humongous amount of spawns and numbers. 
To be able to tackle this overwhelming attack, start adding those support towers. What this does is create towers that may lack fire but will do great in slowing the bloons.
Such towers can be Ice Towers, Bloon chippers and gunners. You can even consider upgrading them as that make them more efficient in slowing the bloons.
7. Watch Out For Special Bloons:

This will force you to have diversity in your range of towers. 
Why we urge you to look out for the special loons is because they have a unique property which makes them immune to a certain amount of towers. It means this will force you to have diversity in your range of towers. 
You need to understand exactly how to tackle these and at what stage do they usually appear. This should be observed in special missions in particular. The guide about bloons will tell you how to best deal with these threats. 
8. Look for Combos:

One of the best tips out there is finding out complementary towers. Finding these towers and using them to your advantage can be a game changer in Bloons TD 5. For instance, two towers that go really well are Banana farms and those dartling guns. So the dartling guns have the ability to follow the last tapped direction. Another amazing tower for grouping could be a monkey village, as they work with any tower. 
9. Check in Daily:

Smartest yet the most effortless trick is to log-in every day, even if it’s only for 2 minutes. There is an array of rewards in different forms up for grabs here. This extra cash will really support you in the long run. There is no web connection needed to claim your daily bonus which is why you can simply launch it. 
10. Super Monkeys:

Super monkeys are the best towers present in the entire gameplay. 
For the last tip let’s bring out the big guns. Super monkeys are the best towers present in the entire gameplay. They can effortlessly tackle bloons of any kind. The Super Monkeys do come with a cost, but if you’re dedicated it shouldn’t be an issue.

These tips and tricks will definitely come in handy when you’re tackling those bloons. The game only gets better from here onwards. Use can try each of these tips or nit-pick whichever seem the least work and most reward. I personally adore this game and so I say the stakes are high here. What are you waiting for? You know these tips and tricks, now put them into practice. 
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