Gen Con 2002 memorabilia?
Posted by kenashisama

Hey all,

I'm excited for 2019, it'll be my second time at Gen Con, first time was 2002, just before it moved to Indianapolis.

I was wondering if there's anyone out there who may have something from Gen Con 2002. Dice, coins, shot glasses, anything at all with "Gen Con", and preferably "2002" branding on it. The program guide from that year would be amazing. I'm willing to pay for stuff via PayPal or other means, such as meeting up at the con this year and exchanging cash, or Venmo/Quickpay/Zelle.

That was the first convention I'd ever been to in my life and it was with my dad. Amazingly, I still have my badge (one of the coolest badges of any con I've been to), but I thought it would be cool to see if anyone out there has something they're willing to pawn off. :)

I did see there's a listing for the program guide on eBay, but I wanted to see if anyone has anything else out there before I immediately buy that.

Thank you in advance and see you at the con!

Posted by alans

That's pretty neat - I'll PM you if I find anything...

Posted by alans

Sorry, no dice...literally.  I couldn't find anything from 2002. 

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