Corporate Recruiting into Tabletop Gaming Commiunity
Posted by felwred


I'm curious is anyone has suggestions on best ways to reach out within the tabletop gaming (as opposed to e-gaming) community for professional recruiting. I have a company that is very gamer friendly (we pay for events like GenCon, Origins, etc) and has found that supporting gaming helps create cohesive teams even if not everyone is a gamer and where people may have different gaming interests (yes, it is ok if someone is a bronie)(if you do True Dungeon in full costume - you really can't throw stones...)

Specifically, I'd love to get ideas for how to market job openings to tabletop gamers within targeted communities (Greater Denver is our target). Our challenge is we're not looking at entry level jobs - we're looking at experienced professional positions such as operations and logistics, IS, accounting, marketing, etc where significant experience is needed.

Ride-along ads on shows like Critical Role targeted by DMA was my initial thought but 1 - that only reaches a portion of the actual gaming community, and 2 - like myself, I'm guessing most people really don't pay much attention to those ads - it's a bit like broadcast advertising. The forum groups like on Facebook tied to gaming are focused on just gaming topics - usually because we tend to look at gaming as very separate from our professional lives.

Anyone have thoughts on how to do outreach locally? Later, we'll want to try this nationally.


Posted by andrewj.rager

If you are only targeting a city or small region. I would think doing ads on national or worldwide (internet) options would not be helpful. I would target your FLGS and see if you can partner with them in some way. Sponsor events there or put up flyers or posters. What ever the stores will allow.

Posted by felwred

Most platforms let you do limited geo-targeting based on the location data of those looking at a video. The problem would be minimum spend criteria. When you are looking for 5-10 people rather than 50, the minimum spend threshold for youtube, etc advertising with that kind of targeting could be problematic.

I suspect that isn't the right platform, though. 

Posted by rutherfordr

I'd look at the boardgamegeek forums if I were you -- they have region-specific message boards:

Posted by gib_rebeg

If you are putting out particular games. Post it on your companies FB page. Or the particular game's FB page if you want people familiar with the game you want to hire them for.

These people who will be following your company, or games FB page will be the core players, best familiar with what you put out. So they would make the best choices to draw from.

Posted by aaron.tex

What are you looking for?  I am a finance/accounting professional who also has his CPA.  I'd be curious to see what you are offering.

Posted by pathmage

If you are looking for entry level, sponsoring college gaming groups would be an excellent way to go. Very low investment would reap excellent rewards. I'm at CSU-Pueblo if you want to get something going just email the helpdesk.

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