Names Mikey- I'm in  the Chicago area. I'm in my 30's and have grown high interest in the gaming community the last few years. I guess I would call it more enhanced gaming (compared to monopoly/sorry/the classics)

when my friend Donnie purchased Sheriff of Nottingham/7 wonders a few years ago. We also played defenders of the realm, and that got me into Co op games! It was nice not playing "every man for himself" 

Found a great game Thanos Rising from USAOPOLY 2 weeks ago. Been playing heavy the past week- I am a big fan of co op games, especially with characters I am familiar with. Earlier this year I was big into vintage tmnt collecting, but my list is thinning and the figures I need go for a few bills... 

I do not want to overwhelm anybody but I guess here are my 7 things to get my ball rolling with the gencon forums. 

1. New Friends to chat via meeting at the con (if I can make it :D) 
discord or chat here- and possible gaming meetups during summer. I prefer upbeat happy crowds I am not too competitive. I have the street smarts to compete with the best, but I'm here for enjoyment. 

2. Recommendations for other co op games 
similar to Thanos Rising- even games I can play on my own. I enjoy these strategy/dice/card etc... my buddies Loved this game too last night- and I was thinking of buying Jumanji Escape room next.

I am big into Marvel/Dc/ Vintage TMNT,StreetFighter, DBZ, MMPR, so games like that I'd be interested in.

3. TMNT game
Any that are fun and co op?  I was trying to figure out the more recent TMNT game with Bebop/Rocksteady- but for some reason even watching youtube videos I did not understand the game so we returned it.

4. Discord- Does this site have a discord app for more DM chatting etc? I am apart of a tmnt group called the technodrome forums and we have discord for users. I would be interested in joining. 

5. Gen Con 2019

I love attending comic cons. I hit up c2e2, wizardworld, and the wisconsin comic con in the past. Would gen con be good for me? I see its $60 + tax and about a 3.5 hour drive. Is it a good place to mingle with gamers if I go on a Thursday/Friday? Or should I use that $ to buy some games and maybe hit up some local gaming stores?

6. Power rangers grid. Today is my first day finding out this awesome game is coming to life. apparently it was created via kickstarter!

7. I briefly looked into the gencon games.. it appears sometimes you can play games for free other times it costs $2? When the game cost $ to play can you win prizes? 

It appears this game will be sold at Gencon meaning I can get this before the official release date? will there be expansions and promos sold as well for this game. I did take a quick glance at a bulk/skull promo on their page.. 

Thank you all for your feedback. Feel free to DM me and talk games anytime.

Any ages welcome but would prefer gamers 22and up.

Thanks in advance and look forward to chatting with you all soon and maybe in person if i do go to the con im hoping to do thursday/friday 

Looking forward to learn a lot from these forums as well :D