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Leftist, Snowflake, Safe Place, LGBTQ post to follow. I'd love for this to somehow be seen by the random person (titular BPR) who stopped by our booth. Upvote/Downvote whatever. I just want to get this story out there.GenCon had a huge push this year for "Gaming for All" - making sure that everyone was able to be themselves, himself, or herself. Table Top Gaymers was there with their sponsors providing free ribbons that allowed con-goers to represent as a gaymer or ally and also a set that allowed for specific gender pronoun preferences. Our booth was a sponsor and we gave out a lot of ribbons. With the ribbons displayed by so many, I was frankly amazed at how many LGBTQ folks there were there - and proud of how many identified as an Ally. I have heard the claim of 1 in 10, of which I am still skeptical, but at least in the exhibit hall and with my observation bias, there was a whole lotta pride being shown. I was proud to be a human in 2019 for a little while.But on Sunday, a semi-adult woman (middle to older teen? I've lost my ability to tell ages below 29) asked if she could have a ribbon. She took the Gaymer one. looked at it and put it in her back pocket. I asked if she needed help putting it on and she said "I can't".I, basking in the glow of the Con and the whole LOOK AT US BEING RESPECTFUL HUMANS! vibe I had going on... stupidly asked "Why not?""For all the usual reasons."Duck. Duckity duck duck duck. THIS Is why I hate humanity. This is why I stay out of china shops. This is why I don't watch the news. Cause stupid bullshit like that makes me so very, very angry. There's a girl (XY at least), hiding who they are from most people, who was only able to say something to a random stranger. I offered to go hurt someone for her. No one specific, just a random person. She smiled at that as she left with the ribbon still in her back pocket. She is a brave person and deserves more than living a life hiding the truth. When I say things like "I hate people", this is why. Individuals can be cool. But humanity still needs a good dose of Meteors. And a whole lot more people like "Back Pocket Ribbon" and Table Top Gaymers (Sponsors of the ribbons).

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I hear you.  It is always sad to remember that there are still places people have to be careful about who knows them too personally.

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Man, I would have loved to get some ribbons for the fam.  Sorry I missed the booth.  I found the Dealer's Hall really overwhelming this year...

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We managed to score Ally ribbons, but they were a bit difficult to find. I seem to recall the ribbons being available elsewhere in ICC a few years back.  Anybody know why they're only available in the hall now?

I also saw quite a few ribbons being worn.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to 10% for Gaymer, and even more for Ally.  I'm glad to see that Gencon is so accepting of a community.  Your experience is a good reminder that even though the world is growing more accepting, we still have a long way to go.


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I only wear two ribbons - Nascrag and Ally.  Thanks for all you do.

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