GISHWHES August 6 #86
Posted by [email protected]

Any other Gishwhers at Gencon?  I and another team member will be there and up for finding a time to do item 86 and make that bus stop with others - we just need at least 6 different team members to show up - I'll bring sharpies and postits.... anyone interested???

Posted by austicke

There was a post in the Gen Con Indy Facebook group.

Posted by christopher_70

I am definitely interested in that.  I will for sure meet up.  Absolutely!

Posted by propsofprophecy

I'm super down for meeting up. 

Posted by [email protected]

thank you for posting that - please add me to any group effort - viva #86  :)

Posted by indestructablepony

I would love to meet up as well! Let me know when and where! I have sharpies and post it's too!

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