Things to do in Indy
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Among the many posts speculating about whether GenCon will be cancelled, a couple people have mentioned that, since they have the time off, travel, and housing squared away already, they would still consider coming to Indianapolis to just get away for the long weekend. Reactions to this have ranged from "ROTFLMAO" to "Sure, there's stuff to do in Indy, if nothing else, try to get a game together."

I can't say I would keep my hotel reservation if there was not GenCon to go to, but it got me thinking, what DO people suggest doing in Indy during the summer that isn't GenCon if you're from out of town. Interested to hear from current and former residents what they think. Trying to think of some of the things to pass the time that I've seen around town....

- Indians game (if they are doing baseball this year)
- Art museum
- Specialty museums (Children's, Vonnegut, etc.)
- Guided LOS tour
- Zoo
- Shopping up in Fishers/Noblesville
- Brewery or food tour

Yes, and....?


Posted by brotherbock

If you like bicycles, there's the Major Taylor velodrome (for track racing), and they have a cyclocross course there too.

There are also mountain biking trails around town: Town Run Trail Park, Southwestway Park, and Schoen Creek Trail.

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Vonnegut library has event space now!

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