2009 Gen Con D&D Championship "Shards of Galifar" info?
Posted by jareds113

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for info on the D&D Championship from the 2009 Gen Con.

It was called "Shards of Galifar" and set in the Eberron campaign world. Does anyone remember playing it or running it?

I'm curious about who wrote it, was it multiple rounds, what was the plot line, everything!


Posted by andrewmorris

When talking about the D&D Championship from the 2009 Gen Con, right where the first story ended off, this one began. One more of the five Dragonshards fragments that are missing is to be found by the PCs. The wicked forces are attempting to shatter the fragments this time. The adventurer who had the initial vision of these Dragonshard fragments saw that by reuniting these five fragments it would lead to the reformation of the fragmented Five Nations.

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