Upper Deck suing Ravensburger over Lorcana.
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I don't do trading card games, but I've read enough buzz about Lorcana to understand that it's release is a big deal.

And that's what caught my attention about this news:

The bottom line of the lawsuit:
"Miller, who once worked on Magic: The Gathering and Digimon, was previously engaged on a work-for-hire basis with Upper Deck to develop “a major proprietary trading card game for called Rush of Ikorr.” The complaint alleges that Miller terminated his contract with Upper Deck and took the unfinished Rush of Ikorr to Ravensburger where it was developed into Disney Lorcana."

Not sure what this means for Disney, the Lorcana TGC, or Gen Con events. And I don't want to start any sort of panic over it. There's a long way to go until Gen Con, and Disney has a very vested interest to see this game release go smoothly.

But at the same time, Upper Deck is fighting for what it says is it's IP and, as the Toyobook  article above states, they're looking for a court order to stop the public release. 

I don't know how things will turn out. But I wanted to post this to inform people. 

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Yeah this is fascinating, and finding out a former Upper Deck designer designed Lorcana has me immediately thinking this may be exactly as it appears.  Could see a settlement since it is not like Disney is going to agree to not make the game

Posted by aldctjoc

There's the crazy part: Disney is only ever mentioned in the suit as a licensee. Upper Deck is taking square aim at Ravensburger alone.

But, there's no denying that Disney has a big stake in this. It's in their name, after all. 

So the interesting questions are: Do they get involved? Do they press for a settlement? Or do they let Ravensburger handle it alone? I just have no idea. 

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The legal dispute between Upper Deck and Ravensburger over Disney Lorcana is indeed a significant development in the trading card game world. It's crucial to let the legal process unfold and respect intellectual property rights. The outcome may impact Disney's plans and the Gen Con event, but a fair resolution is essential for the industry's integrity.

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