Shopping carts at conventions
Posted by qwaserity

At our pre-comic con prep party, someone showed up and showed off his new shopping wagon. It's 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. He told me that he was going to use this cart at the comic con "so I can carry all of my purchases at the same time."

He reappeared last weekend at our local gaming convention. To be fair, his cart was half full with about 8-10 board games. However, he parked the cart directly in front of a flea market table and left it there blocking access for 30 minutes. I would have said something but I was working elsewhere in the room.

What can I say to the convention operators before this becomes as common as the carts and bags at GenCon? By the way, at this gaming convention, your car is always less that 200 feet away from the vendors' hall.

(We also had a few giant backpacks, but they are few and our hallways are wide.)

Posted by quarex

I doubt anything can be done to stop awful people from being awful.  Maybe if thousands of people show up with them but probably not

Posted by jordanmurray

Yes, you are right.

Posted by mvotruba

Wow, that sucks.  Personally, I wish those carts were not allowed in the Dealer Hall.  The space is cramped as it is...foot traffic is tight! 

Add the huge backpacks (my poor daughter was smacked by one a couple years apology either) and you have an uncomfortable situation for many.

Hopefully a policy can be put in place about the wagons.

Posted by farareaa

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Posted by fabdul00

I wish GenCon could do something to help out people who want to shop for games but staying far from convention and don't have a car and can't carry the games throughout the day. Maybe temporary storage or lockers. I would be happy to pay for such a service and will encourage people to spend more money and buy more games.
last year, there were so many more games I wanted to buy but I could carry so much. My hands and shoulders were very sore at the end of the day.
... just a thought!!

Posted by quarex

Yeah the lockers must have been nice in 2003-2004 before they ripped them out for homeland security reasons.

Posted by raptorov

I think what annoys me more are slow walkers in the middle of the corridors. I am admittedly a slow driver, but I restrict myself to the far right lane. But I am a fast walker. The number of folks who walk four abreast slowly across the corridor is amazing.

Posted by suachuadogo

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