DND nominated to Toy Hall of Fame.
Posted by garhkal

The US National Toy hall of fame is doing their annual 'people vote' to see what toy(s) make it in, and for this year, DND is on the list..


Let's all show it some loving!
You can vote once a calendar day..  So vote as often as you like..

Posted by aaronmlopez

lol! Nearly 73% of the votes are for Dungeons and Dragons!! Keep it up!

Posted by garhkal

Holding steady at 72% for DND..  With my back up of Transformers being in 2nd down at 8% or so.

Posted by garhkal

DND has dropped down to 63% and transformers is now up to 11%..

Posted by garhkal

DND still holding at 62.8% and transformers up now to 11.9%!

Posted by garhkal

Well, today's the last nominating day..  Results should be out later this evening or tomorrow some time..

Posted by garhkal

DOH..  Thought it ended 10 Oct..  It's actually 10 NOV it ends..  Still time to vote!

Posted by garhkal

Well the poll's done, and the nominaitions are clear.  Transformers got 2nd spot, car ebears got 3rd.  DND pulled 1st.

Posted by garhkal

Strange..  The site now says "This years inductees, Dungeons and dragons and Fisher price little people..  YET the FPLP barely broke into 5th place in the votes..?!?!?

Posted by parody

The open Internet poll is advisory at best.  From their FAQ:

What is the process for selecting toys for the National Toy Hall of Fame?

The public can nominate toys on site at the National Toy Hall of Fame gallery at The Strong museum, on the National Toy Hall of Fame website, or by U.S. mail. Each year, an internal museum advisory committee comprised of curators, educators, and historians, reviews the submitted nominations and determines which 12 toys best meet the criteria for selection. A National Selection Committee then reviews that list of 12 toys and each member votes for his or her top toy choices. The votes are then tallied, with the toys receiving the most votes making the cut for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

From the site when voting was open:

Choose your favorite toy hall finalist!

(poll omitted)

Take the poll once a day! Final inductees, selected on the advice of a National Selection Advisory Committee, will be announced on November 10.

(Emphasis mine.)

Nothing I've seen on their site, including the poll, indicates that "everyone on the Internet" is a member of their Committee.

FWIW, I think they chose a good mix.  A pop culture game line that won the Internet-based popularity contest, a classic generic toy that's been around for generations, and a little kid's play/discovery toy line that's been around since the 1960s.

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