Program book covers
Posted by nascragman

I found a cool image of the gen con 1980 program book that I posted a while back. 

Out of curiosity/nostalgia I searched the web for others.  I created a gallery of what I could find.

There was a cool website about Gen Con in Wisconsin where I found most of these.

I found the last 5 years through web searches, but does anyone have 2003 thru 2010?  Or pre-1979?

could you post them here or contact me?

Posted by nascragman

I've gotten a few more from a Facebook post and some i found on my own shelves.  I still need 2006, 2010, and 2011.

I wonder if GenCon itself has any?

Posted by austicke

It's a nice repository. I'm glad you found the missing years.

Posted by britbrit

I believe I have some of those missing years. I shall have to take a look in my closet. 

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